This blog is an update to my previous blog that urged you to stop credit being lucky for your success. This book too echoes the sentiment, but investigates the science of how you can make yourself luckier to achieve your goals. Author Janice Kaplan defines luck as the intersection where talent, fearlessness, and preparation meet opportunity.

The definition of luck @JaniceKaplan2: the intersection where talent, fearlessness, and preparation meet opportunity.

You might quickly assume that actor, Grammy, and Tony award winner Daveed Diggs simply got lucky. But, he strategically got himself a job as a waiter at the theatre hangout, volunteered on The Great White Way, and told everyone his dream of being on Broadway. When he finally met and auditioned for Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed was capitalizing on the opportunity that he created.

By the same token, goal-setting expert and author Wasim Hajjiri told the world that he wanted a job at Qualcomm. His clear focus, combined with tenacity and networking, eventually landed him the job.

Again, luck doesn’t mean waiting for something to happen, it means preparing for your lucky break.

For any entrepreneur or employee eager to get ahead or get the business, this is the book for you! It explains the value of networking, getting clear on your goals, and not giving up.

My #BookReview of How Luck Happens @janiceKaplan2 welcomes the key advice: YOU make your own luck!

Have you read it? I welcome your thoughts and takeaway from the book. Are there other business books that blew your mind this year? Please share!

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