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“Liz is entertaining and informative, full of powerful ideas you can use to create a killer brand."
Brian Tracy, - Author of The Psychology of Selling and GOALS!

Branding Keynotes

Every day, you make decisions based upon the enormous influence of brands. Now, it’s your turn to create your thumbprint on the world whether it is creating your own personal brand,  repositioning an existing brand, launching a new brand, or training your employees how to live the brand.

Throughout every one of her talks outlined below, Liz takes you on a journey filled with practical branding ideas that you can translate into action. She’ll make you stop, evaluate, and calculate the value of your efforts in today’s troubled economic times.  Recommendations for improvement, examples from the week’s news, case studies, and hundreds of examples to master the concept are signatures of her presentations. Take the next step today and book Liz Goodgold today!


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Red Fire Personal Branding: How to Create a Hot Personal Branding So that Customers and Clients Choose You!

Many business executives believe that branding is only for big consumer product companies with even bigger budgets. But, the truth is that branding principles applied to the brand called “YOU” can lead to exponential growth. This program shows you how to separate yourself from the sea of similarity in order to get the results, rewards, and recognition you deserve.

In this entertaining and informative talk, Liz combines practical and tactical suggestions that you can learn today and implement tomorrow!

    • Why you should brand like a celebrity
    • How to leverage your point of difference
    • How to use your brand name to increase recall
    • The secrets to a 7-second hook and saying goodbye to the 30-second elevator pitch
    • How to fire up your business cards
    • How public relations can boost your  brand


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Branding in a Recession: How to Market, Survive and Succeed in a Recession

This  current recession has put every business in a tailspin. As consumers cut back, trade down,  and re-think their expenditures, how are you going to survive?

Join Liz for an urgent, relevant, and informational program  that  will help you better understand today’s market place and how you can position yourself for success.

  • Why a Recession Just Might be Your Secret Weapon for Growth: Not all business struggle during a slow down. In fact, you can seize upon the weakness of your competitors and grow market share. Learn the how’s and why’s.
  • Instilling Confidence in Your Customers:  With big name brands going bankrupt, customers want reassurance that your brand that will remain standing. Learn 4 strategies that succeed.  
  • Retaining Current Customers: One of the keys to survival is to keep your current customers. Discover ways you can stay front, center, and relevant.
  • Brand-Appropriate Promotions:  Offering  deep discounts and price promotions are a good way to get business in tough times, but what about your brand image? Find out how to offer promotions that are consistent with your brand and its positioning.
  • Trade-Down Options:  As consumers change their spending habits, they are looking for more options than ever. Learn how to offer different options that still protect your price integrity.



Branding For Speakers: 7 Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Your Bookings, Business, and Bottom-line

The speaking field has become fiercely competitive; how are you going to stand out from the sea of similarity?

In this powerful program, Liz unveils the 7 secret branding strategies that will help you build a brand that increases mindshare, market share, and bookings.

  • Creating a Brand Name - The debate continues: Should you brand your name or your program? What are the insider tips to creating a good name? Learn how to create a winning name or improve upon the name you already have.
  • Mastering Your Domain – The web has permanently changed the way speakers grow revenue; learn how to ensure that prospects can find you and do business with you.
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property – Discover how to protect your brand name and know the difference between trademark infringement vs. mindshare infringement.
  • Grabbing Mindshare - One of the secrets to building a great brand is getting your prospects’ mindshare. If meeting planners can’t remember you, they can’t book you.
  • Creating Infomercials That Succeed - In the days before every busy professional had Attention Deficit Disorder, you had 30 seconds to make your pitch. Today, you have about 7 seconds. Find out how to craft an opening sentence that makes your prospects want to hear more.
  • Marketing Bold – Marketing safe and vanilla is yesterday’s news. TO break through the clutter, you need to become your own walking, talking mascot. Discover innovative ways to promote your brand.

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Red Fire Naming: How To Create a Hot Brand Name So That Customers Think Of You First

Naming is to marketing as location is to real estate. Liz unveils the secrets you must know to create powerful brand names that will become enduring legacies. Discover: 

1. How to Create Great Names 

Learn the insider secrets s of naming, linguistics, and even naming trends.

2. When It’s Time to Change a Name

  • Would Caryn Johnson have been just as successful as Whoopi Goldberg?
  • Would you pay $400 for a blazer from Ralph Lipschitz vs. Ralph Lauren?
  • Would you rather vacation on Hog Island or Paradise Island?

Liz explains gives you the proven strategies on when to change, why to change, and how to transition to a new name. Follow the examples of Boston Chicken to Boston Market, Andersen Consulting to Accenture, and 20th Century Insurance to 21st Century Insurance. 

3. Why Generic Names Don't Work

Many entrepreneurs and business executives select generic names for their companies such as Strategic Marketing, Web Hosting, or Beautiful Flowers. Yet, these type of names retain very little trademark protection. Even worse, they often cofuse your customers and prospects. Learn to identify generic names so that your brand name works effectively.

4. When to Create A New Brand Name vs. A Brand Extension

Introducing a new brand is a risky and expensive effort. Many companies try to lessen the investment by adding new products and services under an established brand. However, you need to know when to extend your brand and when to introduce a new brand.

5. How Naming Must Work with Domains

The explosion of the world wide web, forever changed the rules of naming. Discover how to capture the right domain and avoid the costly mistake others have made.

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Red Fire Publicity: Free and Focused P/R That Gets the Word Out and the Revenue In

With over 1000 radio, TV, magazine, newspaper, and web appearances, Liz is known as the “branding and marketing guru.” But, how did she get there  By mastering public relations!

Liz Goodgold shows you how to save thousands and make millions with what she knows best: Publicity, Brand Awareness, and Personal Brand Promotion!

Master Insider Secrets to Grow Your Business

In this program you will learn from her insider experience and outsider perspective guaranteed to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your business.

How to Tie Your Expertise Into the News to Get Media Coverage

  • NO! You don’t have to “network” or have an ‘in” with a single reporter (honest);
  • NO! You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars a month to a P/R agency with no guarantee of results (You can do it yourself with no risk.)  
  • NO! You don’t have to take up your entire year with p/r preparation (it’s quicker than you think!)

It’s FREE and you get all the money. Besides, no one knows your business better than you do or has your level of excitement about it!) Come hear the straight scoop in today’s new media market.

Three Secrets for Writing Creative Headlines for Pess Release

Press releases are a dime a dozen and quickly deleted, yet the media constantly need to create stories. Learn how to stand out from the sea of similarity with ideas for what works and what doesn’t.

Translating Publicity into Revenue

There are many authors who have appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, and The Today Show, but have yet to see an uptick in sales. Ugh! Discover how to make your message indelible with a relevant call to action.

The 8 Rules for a Successful Media Interview

The last thing you want is to finally make it to the news and then be embarrassed watching yourself because of poor gestures, getting off-message, and rambling sentences. Learn what works and what doesn't!

Staying True to Your Brand

All publicity is not good publicity. Just ask the CEO of Jet Blue when passengers were stranded for days or the head of Taco Bell who had to admit that onions caused numerous salmonella poisonings, or the maker of Menu Pet Foods which has killed dozens of loved animals. You need to know when to comment, when to stay quiet and the difference between the two.

How to Create Winning Sound Bites

Whether on TV, on radio, or on print, it is essential that your message is well crafted. Discover the differences between each medium and what you need to know to get as much face time as possible (without sounding or looking incompetent!)

Wielding the Power of the Web

There are now literally thousands of digital ways know to get your message out. Of course, if there is no one to see it, you are talking to an audience of one. Harnessing the power of the web means using search, sites, blogs, video, email, and viral techniques to ensure that your message is heard…and all can be accomplished without becoming a technological genius!

Using Video as Your Message

“Ask a Ninja” just received a book deal; “Lonely Girl 15” has an agent, a SAG card and commercials airing for the United Nations. Both started as posted videos on You Tube. Go beyond silly sock puppets, Diet Coke and Mentos, and frat antics to find out to use video for a business purpose.

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Branding a Product: The 7 Secrets of Branding a Product that Generates Flawless Recall and Sales

To succeed in business, customers must think of your company first.  In this powerful program, Liz unveils the secret branding strategies that will help your customers remember you and contact you.

Companies across the country have repositioned their brands, changed their names, swapped taglines, adopted new advertising campaigns, or redesigned their business cards—all because they have learned how to develop a compelling brand.  Using live on- the-spot examples directly from the audience, Liz provides step-by-step tactics guaranteed to burnish your brand image.

  • Creating a Great Name: A good name is memorable, positive, easy to say, and reflects the personality of the product. But remember, at some point in time, nobody understood what Verizon, Oreo, or even Kleenex was. You’ll learn how to create a winning name or improve upon the name you already have.
  • Getting to Flawless Recall:  In today’s intensely competitive environment, it’s not even enough anymore that everyone knows your name; they have to be able to say it, spell it, and contact you. Liz unveils her three-part magic formula that will make your customers remember you forever.
  • Grabbing Mindshare: One of the secrets to building a great brand is getting your customers’ mindshare. If customers can’t remember you, they can’t buy from you. Research has proven that consumers can typically only remember three competitors within a category. Learn how to be one of the top three.
  • Creating Taglines That Work: A great tagline is a phrase that follows a brand name that immediately alerts buyers about your company. It should set the tone for your company so that customers remember you. By creating compelling taglines, you help cement your brand in customers’ minds.
  • No Vanilla Allowed: By analyzing proven techniques, from Nike’s “just do it” to Absolut’s iconic advertising, you will discover how bold marketing can lead to profits. Successful marketers dare to be different—to rise above the sea of similarity—in order to produce exceptional results.
  • Getting Your Customers to Act: Capture sales like never before by learning the powerful, proven formula for motivating your customers to buy. 

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Branding A Service: The 6 Secrets to Branding a Service Business for Success!

Created specifically forservice professionals who feel as if they are selling "air", this talk translates the intangible into the tangible for greater impact, sales, and results. Ideal for accountants, health practitioners, and consultants.

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Grow, Glow and Fire up your Future: A Motivational, Inspirational, and Practical Plan for Women

Liz i s a true American success story. She has overcome tremendous challenges to succeed both in businesses and as a business owner.

In this frank, heart-to-heart discussion, Liz shares the multitude of lessons she has learned that can help you find your path, pursue your dreams, and even put the profit into your passion. Come hear Liz and discover:

  • The power of setting goals, making lists, and meeting deadlines
  • Ways to motivate yourself and act upon your dreams
  • The tools to help you speak confidently about your vision
  • Why believing in what you say and do is confidence - NOT vanity!
  • How to KEEP believing in yourself even in the face of seemingly undefeatable odds
  • Why your past does NOT determine your future
  • How to create and cultivate a network of positive people
  • Why “giving it away” can double your business
  • How to maintain your determination when others try to douse your flames!
  • The confidence to take the glowing embers of your idea and turn it into a smokin’ hot success!

And most importantly, don’t give up before the money shows up!

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Using Networking to Grow Your Brand

Networking is more than just professional party-going; it’s creating a

relationship that keeps you in the forefront of the minds of your prospects, customers, vendors, and partners.

 In this interactive  format, Liz unveils the secret strategies you need to ensure that networking works for you.

1 Get Known, Get Respect, and Get the Business

People do business with those they know, like, and respect. Learn how to make the most of your relationships so that you capture top-of-mind awareness and become the "go-to" person in your industry.

2 Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare

Uncover the tricks of the trade used by quintessential networkers. Successful networkers actually begin preparing for an event two days before!

3 Talking the Talk

Creating an unforgettable infomercial is critical to becoming a successful networker. Liz will teach you the easy method to devising your own infomercial that will have your name on every attendee’s lips—and mind.

4 It’s in the (Business) Cards

Business cards are the most essential tool of a business. But are yours working hard for you?  Recognize the 7 must-haves your business card should contain in order to grow your business and network successfully.

5 The Key to Following Up

Networking doesn't end when everyone leaves. That's when the real networking begins. Find out why following up promptly after an event is what sets you apart and sets you up for success.

6 How To Ask For and Get Referrals

The number one reason for lack of referrals is that business don’t ask! Liz unveils the unbelievably simple ways to get people to refer business to you—and happily do it again and again.

7 How To Use Social Networking for Business

If you think social networking is just for teens, think again. Welcome to the world of tweeting and LinkedIn where you can raise your visibility, increase referrals, reconnect with acquaintances, and most importantly, boost your bottom line!

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Internal/Employee Branding:

The 7 Secrets to Attracting and Engaging Employees to Increase Your Bottom Line

The Need is Now for Employee Branding
As we move towards an experience economy, the burden of delivering the brand experience falls to employees many of whom may not understand their role or management's vision.  In fact, executives state that 43% of employees understand their company’s brand promise whereas only 15% employees voiced that they did. Even worse, only 9% of employees believe that they live the brand. In other words, this gap is the golden opportunity: to create alignment between management’s vision for the brand and the employees’ ability to deliver the brand experience to the customers.

 Further, as the economy shrinks and employers shed thousands of jobs, it’s critical not only to engage with employees, but to reassure, train, and invest in them as well.employees.

Strong Brands Translate Into Amazing Results

Liz Goodgold, a branding expert with practical experience on and off the platform, provides a roadmap for living the brand which in turn translates into phenomenal results. She walks the line between the possible and the practical, between the magical and the mundane. Join Liz’s audience today to participate in a jam-packed, real-world, and content-rich program that lets you discover:

The Connection Between Employee Branding And A Maximum Return On Investment

When employees live the brand, it creates a web of connectivity that allows for:

  • Higher Employee Engagement
  • Commanding A Premium Price
  • Easier Recruiting
  • Increased  Brand Awareness
  • Lower Turnover
  • Creating a Competitive Advantage
  • Exponential  Word Of Mouth Referrals
  • Identifying Critical Customer Touchpoints – Not all employees influence the customer experience. Liz shows you how to identify and rank your employees so that you can set training goals, budgets, schedules, and recruitment criteria.

  • Creating a Unified Brand VisionUnfortunately, the brand vision is often created in the marketing wing and never shared with HR directors who must hire these brand ambassadors. Discover how to align these 2 departments for success.

  • Measuring Your Results As you start your campaign, discover the key metrics that allow the return on investment to be crystal clear. Continual branding efforts will be abandoned if you cannot tie the efforts to results. Find out the key metrics upon starting your campaign so that the return on investment is crystal clear.


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