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“Liz is entertaining and informative, full of powerful ideas you can use to create a killer brand."
Brian Tracy, - Author of The Psychology of Selling and GOALS!

Employee Branding Workshops

with Liz Goodgold


Employee Branding Workshops: The Secret to to Attracting and Engaging Employees to Increase Your Bottom Line  

Are you ready to:

  • Create a competitive advantage?
  • Lower your employee turnover?
  • Increase morale?
  • Build word-of-mouth referrals?
  • Command a premium price?
  • Make your recruiting easier?
  • Increase sales and profit?

Then, welcome to a new era of managing and motivating employees. By training your trusted staff to "live the brand" you reap all of these benefits.

Employee Branding is customized, interactive training jam-packed with exercises, real-world examples, learning, and laughter. Most importantly, it is a progrem designed to deliver results.

Join me and watch your employees master how to:

  • Identify Critical Customer Touchpoints – Not all employees influence the customer experience. Liz shows you how to identify and rank your employees so that you can set training goals, budgets, schedules, and recruitment criteria.

  • Create a Unified Brand Vision – Unfortunately, the brand vision is often created in the marketing wing and never shared with HR directors who must hire these brand ambassadors. Discover how to align these 2 departments for success.

  • Measure Your Results – As you start your campaign, discover the key metrics that allow the return on investment to be crystal clear. Continual branding efforts will be abandoned if you cannot tie the efforts to results. Find out the key metrics upon starting your campaign so that the return on investment is crystal clear.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for marketing, human resource, and front-line employees who influence the customer experience. Not only customer service representatives, but any employee who interacts with customers should attend to increase the opportunity to succeed.

Do Your Employes Live the Brand?

Take the quick quiz to see how well your employees understand your brand:

1. Can they name your tagline or slogan?

2. Do they know at least 3 brand commitments of what they should do and what they should never do?

3. Can they provide you with one customer interaction example in which they changed their initial behavior because it wasn't aligned with the brand?

4. Can they name 2 company goals for this year?



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