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“Liz is entertaining and informative, full of powerful ideas you can use to create a killer brand."
Brian Tracy, - Author of The Psychology of Selling and GOALS!

Your Questions

Last Month's BURING Question:

How do I stay in front of my prospects and customers? I’m worried that out of sight translates into out of mind.



The good news is that you recognize that people must think of you in order to do business with you. Earning top of mind awareness can translate into over the top sales. Here are a few action items you can implement:

1.Thank you Cards- Who in their live feels that they are over appreciated? (Not me!) A simple, handwritten, snail mailed card to thank someone for a little extra effort is a welcoming touch.

2.E-mail Newsletters- Yes, this tactic works, but only if it offers timely, useful, and valuable. E-mail newsletters that are all about you without delivering value are destined for the delete button.

3.Speaking - Offering your knowledge to a trade group meeting or monthly get-together positions you as the expert. You don’t have to become a professional speaker (no more competition, please!), but you do have to have an organized, coherent talk peppered with real examples. Audience members become your prospects and your referral base.

4.Relevant Premiums- Remember that the goal is not share of desk (how much real estate can I capture with my imprinted stapler, Post-It Note pad, ruler or pen), but rather share of mind. if you are an orthodontist, like Dr. Melanie Parker, your pen isn’t an ordinary pen, but a severely crooked one that represents the state of her patients’ teeth. Or, perhaps it is a simple fly swatter, compliments of Lloyd’s Pest Control. As long as it relates to your business and your prospects, it works!

One easy way is to literally keep your name in front of prospects is by placing it when and where they are. Bill Howe Plumbing always puts stickers on customers’ pipes just in case there is a leak. Discount Purifiers of San Diego places its information on water filters, and 1-800-APPLIANCE supplies magnets for your refrigerator to increase recall.

Sean Farrell, a top Mercedes Benz salesmen, succeeds by being a wealth of information about the great bells and whistles found on the new models. One of my favorite tactics is that he programs his phone number into your car’s phone memory database. He’s always there when you need him. Vrroom!

Have a burning question? Email me and I’ll feature one hot question next month.


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