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“Liz is entertaining and informative, full of powerful ideas you can use to create a killer brand."
Brian Tracy, - Author of The Psychology of Selling and GOALS!

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Columns with Liz Goodgold


"Brand-Aid," "Marketing Buzz," "Retail Register," and "Quick Picks"– Entrepreneur Magazine 2001-2003

January 2003: "Brand-Spankin' Brew: Whipping Its Logo into Shape Got This Brewery's Business Hopping"

December 2002: "Shelf Life: Making the Leap from the TV Screen to the Retail Aisles is All About Your Branding Image"

November 2002: "Chasing Women: Targeting an Auto Services Market That Isn't So Impressed by Grease"

October 2002: "Keeping the Balls Rolling: Conforming to industry and customer tastes put a happy ending on this handmade's tale."

September 2002: "Bear Market: How one company repositioned itself for a plush success story"

August 2002: "Nothing But Net: Offline Advertising--Who Needs It?"

July 2002: "Popular Mechanics: Only Employees Can Keep a Company Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine"

June 2002: "Space Mission: Your Work Environment May Be the Most Substantial Part of Your Brand"

May 2002: "Shroom to Grow: The Secret to Keeping Gourmet Food Fresh Isn't Ziploc"

April 2002: "Manned Rocket: With a Little Gender Rebranding, This Boutique Really Took Off"

March 2002: "Doctored Image: Take One Total Brand Overhaul and Call Us in the Morning"

February 2002: "Dot Your Eyes: We Spotted a Hot Branding Idea"

January 2002: "Just For Shows: With a New Design, These Booths Are Gonna Walk All Over You"

December 2001: "Get Happy: Meet a Company in Desperate Need of Some Deep-Tissue Branding"

November 2001: "New Age: Want a Grown-Up Company? Get a Grown-Up Marketing Strategy"

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